Radio journalist arrested in Galkio

Mudug Journalist association  condemns – in the strongest terms possible – the arrest of a Somali journalisttoday  12 january, 2018in Galkayo.

The arrest of  Hand Abdi farah who worked for  Radio Codkamudg
Mudug Journalist association  concerned about the arrest of the journalist without due process and asks Galmudug leaders to release the journalist unconditionally.
Press freedom is a critical issue in Somali regional states, where journalists are still harassed and jailed,” said Liban ajib Haji
”We ask galmudug  Minstry of Information and intelligence department to release unconditionally the arrested journalists  Hanad Abdi farah  and we call upon them to respect the media. Freedom of expression and freedom of opinion which are among the most fundamental freedoms and rights in any democratic society.” Said Samiir Xasan Adan  director hobyomedia online
in 2016  Somali Journalist Mahad Ali Mohamed, who was killed by a stray bullet during a heavy fighting in the town of Galka’ayo in central Somalia.
The late Mahad was working with radio Codka Mudug and he died around 4:30 pm, soon after he left home for work at the station of Radio Mudug.
Somali Journalists work in a very dangerous environment and risk their life to report on what is happening inside Somalia and many lost their lives.
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